A little honesty. Terms and conditions are the unfun of celebrations, and this is a lot of information. We want to hear about your party! Is it a new baby? A wedding? A product launch or business opening? Our business is celebrations, our pleasure us helping those in need. We love satisfied customers and clear expectations lessen the opportunity for disappointment.

The dessert table is usually the event reception centerpiece and we stake our reputation on getting it exactly right without a second thought to our client. It’s as important to us, as it is to you, to make this part of your celebration delicious, beautifully done, and right on time.


“We”, “Our” and “The Bakery” refers to Grace Cakes, LLC.

“The Client” refers to the contract signee who is financially responsible for payment. Yay! Give us your money!


  • It is our pleasure to provide design services and sketches for initial contract signing free of charge. Think bad Picasso, it won’t resemble a photograph. Changes to the contract are subject to availability and may increase the total contract price.
  • We encourage design inspiration photographs and/or sketches. Words cannot compete with a photograph when talking about design.
  • Only The Client or named event coordinator will be able to make adjustments to the contract or design. We will not [even] discuss the contract or design with anybody other than The Client or event coordinator named on the contract. Event coordinator amendments require client approval.
  • The Client agrees minor design alterations might happen based on necessity or artist interpretation during final execution of design. Cake design is art based on food, sometimes food doesn’t play nice. We will produce a beautiful product in likeness of contract sketches using colors complimentary to event decor and provided swatches or samples, but art is subjective. By signing the contract The Client agrees to artist interpretation on final product design. No refunds in part or in whole will be made as a result of design enhancements The Client does not like which are not written into the contract as exclusions.
  • The Client agrees be prepared to discuss both designs they admire and designs they find unappealing at the design consultation so our designers get a more complete understanding of The Client’s design wishes and expectations. Pictures speak 1K words. If The Client hates polka dots and there is unappealing negative space to fill on decorating day, the designers need to know about it. In the end we want our clients thrilled with their product and we will do everything possible to ensure that happens.
  • Color match is not an exact science. We use natural ingredients in our products. While we will make every effort to create beautiful colors complimentary to your decor they will not be as exact as custom dyed clothing.
  • Please be advised, the amount of food dye needed to create crimson, emerald or other bold colors can be significant and potentially stain fabrics. The groom should be advised of this caveat before smashing red buttercream into the brides $150 make-up job, but that’s none of our business. By signing the contract The Client agrees to assume sole liability for damage to table cloths, clothing, or other fabrics as a result of choosing food dye colors in product selection.
  • Our products may contain or come into contact with known allergens. We do use imitation flavorings where an allergen is not expected, for example almond flavoring in white velvet cake. The Client agrees to inform event guests of potential allergens and agrees to hold The Bakery free of all liability for allergic reactions in relation to products The Client has contracted us to provide for their event.
  • We are happy to add fresh floral pieces The Client’s florist leaves on the dessert table for our set-up. Please confirm the florist is familiar with selecting and preparing floral items that are safe for food contact.
  • The Client assumes all liability if they permit their professional florist to add fresh floral to our products and only after liability release has been signed.
  • The floral intended for use will need to be on the dessert table prior to our set-up time if we are adding it. 
  • We are not liable for design changes based on incorrect floral pieces being provided by The Client’s florist. Wrong color, wrong size, wrong type, wrong quantity…it has happened. A previous client’s mother had to do away with a table centerpiece to provide the floral her daughter had intended to go on the cake as they were short in planning.
  • We are more than happy to incorporate silk flowers purchased by the client, included in the contract, and left on the dessert table one hour prior to set-up time. Even a phone call to the store manager a minimum of 48 hours in advance of delivery will suffice, we need to know to bring proper tools.
  • It is The Client’s responsibility to ensure all fresh or silk floral is completely removed prior to cutting and serving our product(s).
  • The Cake Topper does not need delivered to The Bakery in advance and may be left with the person(s) who will meet our delivery staff at the event venue on day of delivery.
  • We do not provide cutting knives, serving utensils, tablecloths, table decorations, plates, napkins, forks, etc.


You skipped here first didn’t you? How much and when, we get it, *sigh*. Nothing in life worth having is free. But think of all the people you’re helping with your event by choosing us? See? Painless. Almost.

  • Before meeting for contract signings and deposits the event venue will need to be secured. Seriously. Deposit and all. We will include venue contact name, event address and telephone number to the event venue on our contract. We’ve seen weddings rescheduled multiple times due to venue availability, sometimes by months, and venue sets a lot of the tone.
  • A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to book the event with balance due 30 calendar days prior to the event. Close of business first business day past 30 is fine.
  • If we are able to accommodate a large event with less than 30 calendar days to event, full balance will be required paid upon contract signing, there is no contract grace period, and there will be no refund for cancellation.
  • Contract Grace Period. Contracts 45+ calendar days to event cancelled in writing within 5 calendar days of signing are eligible for full refund including deposit less $100 design and consultation fee.
  • Deposits are non-refundable and only transferrable 1 time without penalty subject to availability. To change our date means you’ve lost other deposits so we’ll give you a break. We carefully limit contracts for large event weekends to ensure proper time and attention to detail for each client. Before we even opened for business for the very first time we probably had to decline 10 or 12 contracts due to existing calendar conflicts.
  • Cancellation requests must be received in writing by registered mail or email originating from the email address on the contract signed by contract signee. The contract is not considered cancelled until a bakery manager successfully confirms via phone call to the phone number provided on the contract and speaks directly with the contract signee.
  • If the contract is paid in full, and a cancellation is received by registered mail or email originating from the email address on the contract in our office 31 calendar days or more prior to the event, the balance less the non-refundable deposit will be paid via check mailed to the address on the contract within 21 days made out to the contract signee. Again, the contract is not considered cancelled until the store manager has spoken with the contract signee to confirm cancellation.
  • No refunds will be issued for contracts cancelled 30 calendar days prior to event as we will have declined business, purchased special equipment and supplies and have already put time and attention into design, tasting, consultations and special skill development for The Client’s project.
  • Contract price is guided based on servings, design, special flavors, fillings or icings, degree of design execution difficulty, etc. A reduction of servings needed may not impact agreed upon contract price. Each large event signed contract results in time spent in tastings, consultations, design work, declined business to protect time needed to service The Client’s event properly, staffing, purchase of special equipment and supplies, miscellaneous expenses and time spent preparing for the design execution. A fair contract price has been agreed upon prior to signing with actual servings being a single component of many that go into the total package price.

Refunds will not be offered for illness, acts of God, natural disasters, road emergencies where our driver is not at fault, or states of emergency requiring restricted road travel. While we don’t require it we do highly recommend event insurance.


  • We require purchase of delivery service for cakes 3 tiers high and depending on event venue distance this might even be free.
  • The Client agrees to provide the name and mobile phone number of the person(s) designated on the contract who will sign off on final set-up at event location where Grace Cakes, LLC provides delivery and set-up. It is highly recommended to provide the names and mobile numbers of several people The Client trusts to sign delivery set-up release.
  • We will not set up product at a venue without contact person(s) authorized on the contract to sign the release being present. In an emergency situation, a text message from The Client’s provided cell phone indicating the name and phone number of a person not previously authorized to sign is acceptable. We want to complete the delivery on time but require set-up approval and release of liability upon completion.
  • We schedule multiple deliveries on event days. The Bakery will wait 15 minutes to begin set-up, if no authorized contact person to sign the release is present The Bakery delivery driver is instructed to make remaining contracted deliveries and attempt a second delivery at The Client’s event when remaining deliveries are completed. If this occurs, The Client understands set-up will not be possible at or near the scheduled time and no discount or financial compensation will be available for late delivery.
  • If The Client’s event is last delivery, our driver will be glad to wait up to 30 minutes at which point they are instructed to bring the products back to the bakery for safe storage and it will be The Client’s responsibility to send a person to pick the items up and sign the release. As delivery and set-up have been attempted in good faith, a refund will not be offered for delivery and set-up. Providing multiple contact persons names and mobile phone numbers will all but eliminate this situation.
  • If the person(s) The Client authorizes to sign the release refuses to do so, the products will be returned to the bakery for pick-up. No refund will be offered if pick-up is not possible. 
  • It is The Client’s responsibility to ensure delivery date, set-up time, venue address, venue contact information and special instructions for delivery are provided accurately to The Bakery on the contract. Refunds will not be offered for incorrect information provided. The Bakery will contact the venue in advance to get parking and dessert table location information.
  • If we are contracted to provide delivery it is The Client’s responsibility to advise The Bakery of road closures, large special events that impact traffic, road construction etc., that might effect timing for delivery the day of event. The Client agrees to release The Bakery from all liability or financial compensation if bakery products set up by Grace Cakes, LLC are late due to delivery route problems and The Client has not informed The Bakery of these 1 day in advance.
  • The Client understands that Grace Cakes, LLC is not responsible nor liable in any way for road emergencies such as car accidents on otherwise appropriate routes that delay delivery and set-up of product.

The Client agrees to release total liability for cake/cupcake appearance and safety after set-up is complete and release signed. Damage incurred due to guests, caterers, the elements, movement of the table, etc are not within control of The Bakery and The Client agrees to assume responsibility upon release.


  • The Client understands that no product will leave the store without a signature of release.
  • We will need the name and mobile phone number of any person(s) who will be picking up the product on the day of event in writing. The Client agrees by signing the contract this person has full authorization to approve final product and sign the release at which point the contract is considered completely fulfilled. The Bakery will securely package the product and The Client agrees The Bakery will not be responsible for damage during transit or set-up. A text message from The Clients phone will suffice in a pinch.
  • We will package the products well, but it is advised to pick up single or 2-tier cakes in a car with an air conditioned fully flat surface such as a hatchback, SUV or van and some towels and rubber shelf liner to protect from shifting. The cake box will not be able to be tilted to fit on a floor space, car seats by nature are not level and shifting during transport is likely on a non-level surface.


  • Sole source requirement Due to liability insurance, allergens and reputation The Client agrees that no other similar dessert products will be served at an event where Grace Cakes, LLC products are offered unless previously agreed upon and included in the contract. Cake and cupcakes are considered to be the same product.
  • In the unlikely event of damage to the product during production [or delivery ONLY if provided by The Bakery], we reserve the right to provide a product in the number of servings required for the event that might not match the agreed upon design. By signing this contract client agrees to accept the alternate product without discount or financial compensation with the understanding that this would be in an emergency situation only.
  • Client agrees to arrange for a level table at the event venue capable of holding 75 pounds, out of direct sunlight, heating vents, radiators, portable heaters, mass displays of candles, etc. In the case of an outdoor event we are not responsible for damage to product as a result of temperature, humidity, bugs, rain, wind or uneven ground. Temperatures below 65 degrees or above 75 degrees are not advised. (We do have heat and humidity resistant recipes upon request.)
  • Use of photographs The Bakery will photograph finished product prior to pick-up or upon set-up at venue if delivery and set-up are provided by The Bakery for liability purposes. We reserve the right to use any photographs for display and/or promotional purposes without notice or compensation to The Client.

Once the products are picked up from The Bakery or set-up at the venue is completed by The Bakery, approved, and signed for the contract is considered completely fulfilled to The Client’s satisfaction.



The Contract signing consultation will last approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour and will include conversation and notation to design sketches, flavor options, potential allergens, rental equipment policies, and any questions or concerns The Client has over points of the contract, etc.

Prior to scheduling a contract signing consultation please gather the following information. The Client will receive a reminder call prior to consultation, if necessary (*starred) information from this list has not be made available to The Client at that time, the contract signing consultation will be rescheduled.

  • The Client(s) name, address, email address, and 2 telephone numbers.*
  • Name and contact information for The Client(s) event coordinator or wedding planner.
  • The name and mobile phone numbers of several people authorized to either pick the products up at The Bakery or meet The Bakery delivery staff at the event venue and sign the release of liability after products have been successfully delivered and set up.*
  • Event Date*
  • Event Time*
  • Bakery product set-up time if contracted through Grace Cakes, LLC
  • Venue name and address*
  • 2 Venue Contact Persons names and mobile phones for day-of-event*
  • Venue contact person(s) name and phone number for The Bakery to discuss delivery and set-up information and special instructions prior to the event day.*
  • Cake flavor(s), filling(s), icing(s), number of servings, tiers required for serving, design ideas, box needs if the top tier will remain uncut for freezing, etc
  • Cake topper information (top tiers are generally 6″ in diameter)
  • Rental equipment and return policy will be included