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  • How do I store cakes/cupcakes?
    Cake dries out in the refrigerator, our products are baked fresh and made to be consumed on scheduled pick-up/delivery day. If that will not be the case please let us help you make choices from our products that can be frozen or kept at room temperature overnight. We are working hard to formulate most products to do beautifully in the freezer so leftovers do not go to waste and shipping outside our market becomes an option. If your item is iced with cream cheese icing as a rule [red velvet, fruit and nut specialty cakes, etc] it has been carefully formulated to stay fresh in spite of refrigeration and will also do well when frozen.
  • Do you do custom carved cakes?
    No, we do not carve cakes into shapes.
  • Do you offer sheet cakes?
    No, sheet cakes will not be on the menu. For the sake of your guests and our reputation we are not able to enter into contracts where our designed or tiered cakes are supplemented in servings with cutting sheet cakes that will not be displayed as part of a dessert bar.
  • Do you offer cakes decorated with rolled fondant?
    Cakes covered with fondant will not be on the menu, however small accent pieces made from rolled fondant such as a unicorn horns or tiny hearts are available.
  • Do you have products safe for nut allergies?
    We do not recommend those with severe nut allergies to consume our products as we regularly use nuts or nut butters in our kitchen. We do avoid hidden nut ingredients in our products, for example we are careful to use imitation almond flavoring to enhance wedding cake flavored cupcakes.
  • Do you have gluten free or vegan products?
  • Do you do bachelorette cakes? 
    Only if the bachelorette cake is adorned with flowers, swirls, rosettes and the like. If it’s covered by a bathing suit, it’s likeness will not be created on one of our products by us. For a creative workaround it’s not against the law to adorn any of our products with something one makes or purchases outside our bakery. Enjoy your cheeky fun but please for the love of all that’s holy DON’T tag us on social media, there are children [including my lovely nieces] who follow us.
  • Will you recreate design ideas from Pinterest, magazine clippings, etc?
    We are unable to replicate design work from other artists. We will happily use those images as a springboard for original designs created just for you to enhance your event or decor.


Until we open a brick-and-mortar store we will be using Harper’s Point Kroger in Symmes Township, Ohio as the “home base” starting point for delivery options.


COURIER SERVICE   based on availability

  • TIP: You can arrange to meet the drivers at a designated grocery store parking lot to cut the drive down when you live farther out. 
  • $5.00 5 miles or less
  • $5.00 + $1 per additional mile 6-20 miles calculated in full mile increments. So 5.14 miles = $6 courier fee.

FREE EVENT DELIVERY AND SET-UP: 75+ servings and up to 10 miles OR any size wedding if the bride or groom is active duty military [Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard + National Guard] OR a school teacher in a public school system.


LONG DISTANCE DELIVERY AND SET-UP: $50 + $1 per mile from 16-200 additional miles based on availability

PREMIUM SERVICE: $150 based on availability and only available within 25 miles of the above location:

  • delivery and set up
  • return at a designated time up to 10:00pm
  • package and bag your leftovers to-go; if you purchase take-away containers for your guests we will fill those and display them attractively
  • package the anniversary tier for freezing
  • clean and collect bakery owned stands and decorative objects


Photo release policy:
The intellectual property rights to the artwork we create in the form of cake and bakery food items as well as our tablescape designs belong to us. We reserve the right to photograph them in our bakery or at your event venue be it public or private for use on our blog, social media or promotional materials of any kind. Who you are, however, will be handled with the utmost discretion, I’ve even referred to my own family members as simply “the bride” to protect anonymity on social media. You are free to take photos, tag us and share our wonderful products with everybody you come across! Airplane passengers strapped in beside you, people in waiting rooms, or standing in long tiring lines would love to see photos from your private life events we’re quite sure.

Our products are our art.
Photos you take of our products may not be used for personal gain or advancement without express written consent and must include reference to our bakery name and blog address. Fees might apply. Inquiries can be made to gracecakesinfo@gmail.com or by filling out the contact form below.

Can I use a photo you posted for Pinterest, in a news article, etc?
Photos we have taken and added our blog address watermark to for use on our blog or our social media sites are free to use on Pinterest or social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. For all other inquiries, or for use of a photo we have not added a watermark to please send an inquiry to gracecakesinfor@gmail.com or fill out the contact form below.

Will you open a brick-and-mortar location?
Yes, that is definitely on the agenda.

Do you discriminate?
No. Being a Christian bakery this is a very frequently asked question.

Do you offer volume discount? 
Unfortunately no, our prices do not have wiggle room for discounts. If we choose to offer a special, we are losing money or giving away time from family which we avoid.

Do you offer wholesale products?
We are definitely open to creating products established brick-and-mortar restaurants can offer with our name on them. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page with your inquiry.

Do you donate cupcakes or cake products? 
Our business is based on giving away money, not product. On extremely rare occasions we might make exceptions, but exceptions are not based on the worthiness of your cause so if we need to decline please do not see that as a reflection on how we value your event. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page with your inquiry.

Are you willing to consider my organization for monetary donations?
The short answer is at this time [April 1, 2018] is not yet. There is no actual profit or overhead built into the product pricing at the moment, and I’m giving away all of my time in design and execution, not one penny do I keep. I will create an entire post, and link to it here, around where exactly the money will be going, but rest assured, it is not paying for a pool in my backyard. I have every intention on being 1000% accountable and transparent with the money. My intention is to support well established organizations having the greatest impact in the city in which my bakery exists for the poor, downtrodden and broken. Currently that is Cincinnati, Ohio. My heart goes out to people for whom bootstraps by which to pull themselves up do not exist. They need hands. And those hands require resources to be effective and those resources require individuals and businesses to give.

Do you give money to individuals in need?
No, our plan is to support well established organizations with effectively running programs that offer services or referrals to services which holistically help the entire person: mind, body, soul and spirit. We see money problems as an indicator of need, not the source.

For questions not addressed send inquiry here:

More questions soon to come!