Cake Flavors

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JANUARY 2019 UPDATE: The plan is to continue creating, experimenting, and staying small until June 2020 when my youngest child graduates high school.

Full disclosure: any money above hard costs for products will be used to purchase professional bakery equipment, pay employee wages, cover insurance, miscellaneous expenses, prepare for storefront, etc. There will be no profit nor do I intend on keeping a single penny until a full grand-opening is able to happen at which point overhead will cover bakery growth and profit will go to: charity 90% salary to me 10%. I WILL make all numbers fully transparent.


CUPCAKES [priced per piece, sold by the dozen, all one flavor combination]:

  • $2.50 bakery sized cupcakes– SOLD BY THE DOZEN
  • $3.00 filled bakery sized cupcakes – SOLD BY THE DOZEN
  • $1.75 mini cupcakes2   – SOLD BY THE DOZEN
  • $2.00 filled mini cupcakes – SOLD BY THE DOZEN

$25 – 6″ diameter 3-layer small/smash cake filled with the buttercream chosen to ice the cake or buttercream + preserves.

4-LAYER DESIGNED & FILLED EVENT CAKES [cutting video: cut on a grid]:

  • $45 – 6″ diameter – feeds 8-10
  • $65 – 8″ diameter – feeds 24-28
  • $85 – 10″ diameter – feeds 34-38

$20 – hand molded or cut-out fondant accent pieces such as unicorn horn + ears, press mold decorations, lettering, etc

$10 – edible gold leaf accents per cake/tier

$10 – candied chopped nuts

FREE/INCLUDED – buttercream adornments such as texture, ruffles and rosettes as well as most ready-prepared food garnishes like cookies, flavored baking chips and candies

These can be tiered of course.

This is a buttercream bakery. We do not cover cakes with fondant in any fashion. Not as a full top layer of icing, not as hand molded flowers covering, not as ruffles, swags or draping effects. Small quantity accent pieces only.

Any of the following cake flavors can be made with our scratch-made gluten free flour blend, but this is not a gluten free bakery. 

A small list of flavor pairing suggestions are at the bottom of the page, but we will be happy to combine flavors any way you like.


  • white velvet ~ an ivory cake with a slight hint of almond flavoring as with traditional white wedding cake but a bit of extra richness from adding real butter, Madagascar bourbon vanilla extract (which is brown) and just enough yolks to create a rich velvety flavor; imitation almond flavoring is used to avoid an unexpected allergen
  • vanilla bean ~ featuring Madagascar vanilla beans
  • chocolate ~ with German {Belgian}, French and American chocolates
  • apple cider ~ apple with a warm fall spice blend
  • coconut ~ lightly flavored coconut
  • lemon
  • peanut butter
  • cinnamon sugar


  • caramel
  • lemon, lime, orange, pineapple, brown sugar, apple pie, banana or rum curd
  • cream fillings featuring Nutella®, Biscoff® cookie butter spread or peanut butter
  • strawberry, raspberry, blackberry,  or tart cherry preserves
  • any flavor buttercream, this is an ideal place for a creamy American style buttercream


Swiss buttercream is a very light and silky buttercream with a texture between chantilly cream or whipped topping and marshmallow fluff, but smoother than either with a richness that makes it the perfect adornment for cakes and cupcakes. This is the buttercream for those who don’t like buttercream.

American style buttercream is the rich, creamy, decadent icing most of us snuck out of cans from mom’s baking cupboard once upon a time. Even better than you remembered, this is the perfect buttercream to swirl atop cupcakes, sandwich between cake layers or serve in shot glasses with appetizer spoons. (Yes! Guests go crazy for buttercream shots and we will be glad to sell jarred buttercream as a stand-alone item!)


  • classic buttercream – tintable
  • chocolate
  • espresso
  • buttermint
  • peanut butter
  • hazelnut
  • strawberry
  • blackberry
  • raspberry
  • lemon lavender
  • maple syrup
  • brown sugar
  • salted caramel corn
  • cookie butter featuring Biscoff® cookie butter spread
  • chocolate bourbon featuring Maker’s Mark®
  • coconut
  • chocolate hazelnut featuring Nutella®
  • lemon
  • cream cheese
  • toasted marshmallow
  • peppermint
  • eggnog

Premium ~ Additional charge based on flavor:

  • pink champagne ~ this does not have an alcohol aftertaste. Korbel® Sweet Rosé California Pink Champagne is gently simmered to a 75% reduction, a portion of which is whipped into buttercream imparting a deliciously understated sweet-tart flavor.   {+$6 per 12 cupcakes}


Hummingbird Cake  $55   [8″  3-layer feeds 24]
spice cake with banana, pineapple and pecans, cream cheese buttercream + a sprinkling of praline (candied) pecans between layers and garnished with praline pecans, banana chips & dried pineapple garnish with a caramel drizzle

Carrot Cake  $55  [8″  3-layer  feeds 24]
spiced cake with carrots, pineapple, walnuts and golden raisins, cream cheese buttercream + a sprinkling of candied walnuts between layers, garnishes praline (candied) walnuts, swirls of cream cheese rosettes, pumpkin orange edible luster dust and just a pinch of the tiniest orange sugar sprinkles

Hawaiian Wedding Cake  $60  [8″  3-layer  feeds 24]
spiced cake with pineapple, coconut and pecans, coconut cream cheese buttercream, pineapple curd filling, a sprinkling of praline (candied) pecans between layers, and garnished with toasted sweetened shaved coconut, dried pineapple and praline pecans

British Christmas Cake  [unavailable until pricing is worked out better]
several cups of finely chopped fruits and nuts are marinated in an entire bottle of The Kraken® Black Spiced Rum {for 24 hours!} before being baked into a spice cake that is showered with the fruited rum before being brushed with orange marmalade and thinly covered in marzipan (sweetened almond paste) and fondant ~ click HERE for the story


The sky is the limit, we will make any combination you like. HOWEVER. We will not offer a refund or exchange if you select flavors that in the end do not actually appeal to your tastebuds. As our business model is not to line our pockets with cash but to give money to organizations helping those in dire life situations we can both sleep easy knowing you had fun experimenting and we enabled you to do so while simultaneously being the reason those people’s lives were made just a little bit better. Thank you. So be creative! At your own risk. And bless those in need. Delicious.


chocolate cake – peanut butter cream filling – peanut butter buttercream

coconut cake – pineapple curd filling – rum curd as thin topping – coconut buttercream

white cake – raspberry preserves filling – pink champagne buttercream

vanilla cake – strawberry preserves filling – swiss meringue buttercream

lemon cake – blueberry pie filling – lemon curd buttercream

chocolate cake – caramel buttercream filling, peanut butter buttercream

chocolate cake – brown sugar buttercream filling – toasted marshmallow buttercream

apple cider cake – apple pie curd filling – caramel buttercream

chocolate cake – tart cherry preserves filling – swiss meringue buttercream

teatime buttermint cake – buttermint buttercream

chocolate cake – caramel cream filling – swiss meringue buttercream

lemon cake – lemon curd filling – lavender buttercream

chocolate cake – chocolate bourbon buttercream

chocolate cake – chocolate hazelnut buttercream filling – chocolate bourbon buttercream

vanilla cake – banana curd filling – caramel buttercream

chocolate cake – caramel filling – salted caramel corn buttercream

  1. Bakery sized cupcakes are larger than standard grocery store cupcakes. These are perfectly sized for events such as weddings, showers and other gatherings where the cupcakes are the primary dessert offered. While they can definitely be eaten in hand, forks are a nice offering.
  2. Bakery mini sized cupcakes are not as small as grocery store minis. If you are having a dessert bar or event where other desserts are offered, these are the perfect size. They can be eaten in hand and offer a 3-4 bite treat for your guests. A combination of bakery and mini-sized cupcakes are nice combination to satisfy all appetites for sweet.