A little over two years ago God told me to open a bakery and give 90% of the profits away.

I made it public so I could begin building a social media presence and friends and family could follow the progression. Baking opportunities were pouring in, doors were opening, unimaginable connections were being formed, even crazy amounts of travel with a compulsion to experience bakeries from here to Europe were on God’s agenda for my learning and growth.

I made the wedding cake for a beautiful daughter of Beth Guckenberger, co-executive director and founder of Back 2 Back Ministries, a global Christian ministry dedicated to making sure that every orphaned child on planet earth is known and loved.

She was happy to help me with her social media presence (and sweetly continues sending customers!) but I told her as sure as God had aligned our paths, I didn’t need it. Only my husband and kids know all the details as I did 2 weddings that week and needed their help, true to my instincts only a few people know I was involved at all to this day. That was the week God provided a $50 commercial freezer to help with prepwork.

I name drop to demonstrate a few truths. If God needs you promoted, He is well able to do it. If He needs you to make the right connections, they will be there on time. And if He tells you to do the impossible He can provide a $50 commercial freezer ~ or whatever the freezer is to you ~ to get the job done. Just take His hand and leap.

Last week I had a prophetic dream, honestly the first one I ever remember having in my life. It was all storytelling and symbolism meaningful only to me how dreams are. The Holy Spirit continues to provide interpretation little by little so I know a few things for sure.

I am not opening a bakery. I am going to do something bigger. It will still be lucrative. And I will still be giving 90% of the profits away.

I think it starts with a story, written down, a book, perhaps several.

I know recipe creating through trial and error as opposed to pastry school shortcut is still a right path so maybe some kind of cookbook? Or maybe that’s training ground. It is wildly fun to have God just toss me a recipe or flavor twist that knocks my socks off and it helps me hone my hearing so I’ll keep doing it and posting about it.

God doesn’t need to draw back the curtain for me to obediently stay on the path. His trustworthiness is unsurpassed.

If you have been following me at all you know I have amassed a collection of beautiful things for my bakery already. That has its own God story and I will tell it soon, stay tuned.

I will joyfully finish my final baking commitments, and sadly will accept no more, not even small ones, I won’t have time.

I’m sorry about that. What a joy to play the teeniest part in people’s life celebrations!

To be continued.

Be blessed!


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