Completely Booked For 2018

I am SO, SO GRATEFUL for the wonderful customers I’ve had the absolute joy of working with this past year!

When God said “open a bakery and give all the money away” I was like “Sure! I’ve been baking all my adult life!” Wow. What extreme naivety.

Fortunately He’s brought me some completely amazing customers and opportunities. People brave enough to let me do their wedding, birthday, and anniversary cakes…trust me the chance you were taking trusting me with such huge life moments is 100% not lost on me.

The class God led me to take [still taking!] at Findlay Kitchen downtown Cincinnati has been MORE than I even knew I needed. You know that feeling when you know so little you don’t even know the right questions to ask or when you get information that is so deep and intricate and tied up with accounting or payroll or the law or hard costs…and you took French in college to avoid math and you leave class crying because you think you’re going to fail God but then you remember He asked you to do this and He must be aware of all your limitations?? Maybe that’s just me.

For everything I don’t know there’s one thing I do. I know I heard from God and I won’t quit.

I’m 47. If it takes me 20 years to build something fabulous my end goal is that it is also self-sustaining and can run beautifully without me. Providing money for well established philanthropic organizations who have boots on the ground effectively serving the broken, abused, abandoned and downtrodden. And so. I will not quit, and that’s really all I have to do.

How can I, with my blessings and family and beautiful life, not do everything in my power to help as many people as humanly possible while my heart has strength to beat another day? I might have a kid to finish raising but she’s in 11th grade, it is the homestretch for my tenure as stay-at-home mom and it’s been a brilliant blessing beyond all belief compared to my little girl dreams. I’m putting on a blindfold and seeing where God-sized dreams take me.

Accepting custom order bookings for 2019.

Be blessed!!!!!



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