Lemon Basil Curd

I planted some sweet basil in the center of this calibrachoa Cabaret® and it’s growing like wildfire!!!

Initially I planted it for color, leaf shape and bushy height in the middle of this spilling red arrangement ~ not culinary purposes! I’m all about visual interest to tell you the truth. But smelling it every time I walk past to prune and water???? Love me some basil. ❤️

Since one side appears to be leaning a bit, time to tidy up!

I’ve had lemon basil martinis, and of course they are delicious. But I generally never drink at home because I don’t like the fuss of getting everything out and truth be told I’m always working on getting my daily water requirements in. Alcohol = dehydration = need for more water = I’ll pass.

Then my mind started pondering more ways to use it and I thought, if it tastes amazing in a martini I bet it would be divine in lemon curd and I was right!!!

To test my theory without throwing away scratch-made lemon curd I bought a jar of curd from the grocery store. That was a 10oz jar and I fine chopped one single large leaf and it was perfect.

Now I’m thinking I want an entire planter filled with summer herbs and a whole slew of jams and preserves with which to experiment!!


Be blessed!


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