Praline Pecans And God

Do you ever walk passed a room in your house and get inexplicably drawn in? There’s something about the quiet tick-tock of an old fashioned clock, the chirp-songs of summer birds and sunlight pouring through old maple trees out my dining room window that beckons me to come in and sit down a moment.

A few days past three months ago God told me to open a bakery and give the money away. No problem I said! Well a little problem, I’m not a pastry chef and I don’t have a bunch of award winning cupcake recipes lying around. I still don’t have even one recipe I want to definitively label “Grace Cakes” as yet but I’m learning.

The last three months have been a whirlwind. Not of baking but of traveling. My idea for what I think God means for me to do and God’s idea of what He means for me to build might not actually be the same thing. Maybe I don’t even have the ability to have the vision to see what He has planned for this to look like.

We, my husband and I, do not fall into anybody’s loosest definition of the term wealthy or even extremely well-off though I suppose opinions as such are relative. Yet in the past 3 months, only 3, I have been to Chicago, IL; Atlanta, GA; Walt Disney World, Savannah, GA; Asheville, SC to see the Biltmore Estate; London, England; Windsor, England; Paris, France; Versailles, France; Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany and Munich, Germany. I’m not kidding, somebody pinch me.

The trip to Chicago I had free hotel stays and enough credit card rewards points to cover some of our Ubers. The trip to WDW our vacation club covered my resort stay. The trip to England & France was covered by our vacation club, my out of pocket was $99. The airfare to Europe and back covered by credit cards rewards points, the train to Germany, covered, some Ubers in London, covered. I actually have enough points left to take another long weekend but I’m saving them for something more interesting. (We’ve had the card for years but didn’t know how to use the points so they racked up!) If I had to have arranged all that on purpose I couldn’t have done it.

The miracles and favor God showered on me, not recipes mind you, are simply too numerous to type. But I will do a better job of blogging going forward, you can believe it. There is a story unfolding and I want to “remember when” someday.

I’m home now. My whirlwind tour of amazing bakeries and desserts in THE. FINEST. of restaurants in some of the most extraordinary cities in the world has revealed a few things.

I’m not going to open strictly a cupcake shop. I have an oven and I love variety on dessert buffets, why limit myself?

Feast your eyes on this photo I took at Ladurée an unbelievable French bakery on the Champs-Élysées in Paris.

Now I’m home. I have a road trip to Ogden, UT planned in August and I will for sure see more bakeries on the way there and back but I’ve seen plenty. Follow me on Instagram if you want to see photos from my adventures, @Gracecakeslive.

And God is faithful. I have decided that when possible, and 99% of the time it’s possible, Mondays are going to be my fast days for my business. Last Monday God literally reinvented my prayer life. Yesterday in PREPARATION for today God gave me an idea and a vision. I have scratch-made praline pecan pieces cooling on the counter and you couldn’t get me to so much as lick my fingers after breaking them apart for all the tea at Twinings.

That recipe God gave me by the way. I have spent countless hours researching Hummingbird Cake, a component of which is chopped pecans. One random website mentioned garnishing with homemade pecan brittle which proved to be messy and not exactly what I was going for, but I didn’t exactly shelve the idea as a vision of me covering the entire sides of the cake with it came to mind and felt brilliantly delicious.

While innocently singing along in church yesterday the random thought {hello, God!} came to mind “candied pecans” followed by a static image of a crock pot. EUREKA THAT’S IT!

Of COURSE the first “candied pecans” recipe that popped up on Pinterest was one for crock pot praline pecans and right now as they cool I could almost say the search is over. I can say for sure tomorrow and not one minute sooner, not on your life.

Be blessed!


PS. You can find the recipes I pin on Pinterest, look for Grace Cakes username gracecakesinfo. HERE’S the one for praline pecans. Happy baking!

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