Chicago Cupcake Tour Day 4

If you want to simply buy a cupcake franchise, this is the one of the ones I’ve sampled so far for my personal taste.

Their products were consistently moist, perfectly flavored {ah-mazingly flavored!} and very well-balanced. Having now been to about 20 cupcake shops in the past two months I can tell you that in my experience this is rare. 

Cupcakes aren’t cake. They dry out quickly, you can’t prep them with magic sauce like simple syrup to give them an extra day’s moisture boost, I tried! The syrup simply makes the paper cases sticky and it’s kind of impractical to brush each cupcake with it.

You can compensate with more buttercream plus fillings, but you’re taking a gamble the customer wants to shove a huge confectionery concoction into their piehole like a savage. I use a plate and dissect mine savoring each delicious component. And then shoving it into my piehole like a savage.

I do take my Oreos apart, why do you ask?

I digress. This franchise is a sure thing and if I wanted to simply make a personal income owning a cupcake shop I would not bother to reinvent the wheel, this would be the one. 

I’ve now sampled cupcakes from Chicago to Walt Disney World with a stop in Savannah and Atlanta between. My daughters cheerleading competition schedule affords me travel and I’m not finished yet, the best is yet to come!

Flirty Cupcakes ~ what a fun name! And what a fabulous, FABULOUS sales girl! She was so kind letting me take pictures and listing to my constant gushing over the adorable store and babbling on about cupcakes! 

I feel like I learned a lot on this trip. And while I was tempted to skip the franchises, that would’ve been a mistake for certain. Some of them are franchises because they really truly make an excellent product and have wrapped the store in adorable replicateable packaging.

I can’t imagine God wants me to open just one cupcake store. If He really wants me to make some money to give away then I assume we have to do better than that. 

I say we, but let’s be honest. This is mainly going to have to fall to Him. I am so far out of my league and expertise I have to constantly myself: 

God equips the willing. 

It’s a really great Christian platitude until you’re living it and you are the willing that needs equipped. 

Every day a new day I say!

Be blessed! 


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