Chicago Cupcake Tour Day 2

I’m not looking for ideas to emulate. I’m simply looking for inspiration. I’ve been salivating over Magnolia Bakery for a long time, I was dreaming about tasting their hummingbird cupcakes, but they didn’t make them that day. I loved the color scheme and ambiance! And the cupcakes, of course. 😉

This is the store decor of my dreams. Near a different cupcake shop, we stumbled into Toni Patisserie & Cafe. Lunch was amazing!!!!! Art deco, French, very little pink ~mostly gray white and gold. I was IN LOVE the moment I walked in!!!!! Food was amazing.

Sugar Bliss
Sugar Bliss is small but yummy!!! They pipe those adorable flowers on all of their cupcakes. The toasted coconut was to-die-for!!!!

The Cupcake Counter
This too is a tiny place but delivers on flavor bigtime. Love the frosting shots. I do that for events too with leftover icings and people love them!!! If you do cupcakes you should totally do icing shots.

RPM Italian
Ok not at all cupcakes but honestly inspiration strikes everywhere. I think these RPM restaurants inspired me most to tell you the truth. The attention to detail, the exquisite flavor profiles of classic Italian dishes perfectly balanced, the reinvention of dishes you think you know. Even their salads and garnishes blew my hair back. The “croutons” on my husband’s ceasar wedge, yes, a ceasar wedge, were made from some kind of cheesy polenta cube, simply amazing!!! Every detail was an experience. We paid for that, but we felt like we recieved a value for our money. We WILL be back. 

When I create a menu I want to think like that. It doesn’t HAVE to be “just a cupcake.” I don’t want high prices, that’s no goal obviously. But I’d rather sell 10 cupcake flavors that blow my mind than 20 that are ok. Garnishes and fillings are wonderful. If someone just wants a sugar fix buy a Snickers! If they get a cupcake there should be something to talk about. 

Let’s face it, cupcakes are an indugence. Let’s make it worth it I say!

More Cupcakes Chicago
Small, exquisite, modern. Marketing brilliance.

Sprinkles Cupcakes Chicago
I will be honest. I was all sugared out and this is a chain, I was going to skip it. That would have been a mistake. I don’t know how they started, but they have a DELICIOUS product. Their store is clean and modern and well thought out. Even the bar chairs were comfortable. If you think you want to own a cupcake business but don’t want to reinvent the wheel, this is a good investment. And the product truly delivers, some of the more famous bakeries have a dry semi-tasteless product, this is a sure thing. 

The cupcake vending machine is brilliant!!!!! I loved it!!!! I’m so glad I went. 

The best take-away of the day went to RPM. I need to trust my instincts to pay attention to detail. If I can make that economical, wonderful. I hope so in fact!!! But I’m not sacrificing anything at all to make that happen. 

That’s what mini cupcakes are for in fact. Not all places offer or put thought into mini cupcakes, but sometimes you just want 2 bites of something divine!!! Why try one when you can have 2 and not go into a sugar coma I say!!!

Au revoir!!

Be blessed,


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