Chicago Cupcake Tour Day 1

RPM Steak 14K Chocolate CakeOk well technically night one. We arrived in time to rest for dinner at RPM Steak. C’est magnifique!!!!!! The above is 14K chocolate cake, so that counts as “research”, right?

It WAS delicious, this is the brand chocolate they used, maybe not the product:

Cocoa Barry Chocolate
This entire trip to Chicago has to be a God thing, let me tell you the story.

EVERYTHING happens for a reason!

Many years ago my daughter joined all-star cheer and as parents talk I learned some of them used credit card rewards programs to cover expenses. We stayed at Hyatt’s several times a year so I signed up for that credit card, but then the schedules changed and Hyatts aren’t everywhere so we switched to Capital One Venture Card and I wrote to cancel the Hyatt. 

Months pass, God clearly tells me to start a cupcake ministry {not a non-profit, I hope to make buckets and boatloads of cold hard cash to give away, 90% of the business profits going to charity & 10% to me} and I think “What’s cupcake-trending in the major metropolitan cities?” 

I {randomly} foccused on Chicago because a) I love this city and b) it’s driveable as a weekend getaway. 

Sooooooooo many cupcakeries here!!!! One that made my heart skip beats immediately is More

Cupcakes inspire whimsy and cuteness, all things charming, and in many cases mile-high mounds of decadently rich and thick buttercreams. 

That’s not me. Is that what I have to do to do this thing God wants me to do? I will of course. I can find a curly font I can live with and buy pink cupcake boxes. 

Do cupcake boxes come in matte gunmetal grey? CAN they come that way??

So my husband tells me we have a late fee on our Hyatt card for some charge that came through. 

How is that possible? I closed that card in writing! But sure enough, the annual fee posted and we probably didn’t open the first bill thinking it to be an advertisement. 

Fast forward to my phone call. The Hyatt card service rep kindly waived all fees and closed the account for me, but just as we were saying our good-byes she throws out “You know you have 39,000 rewards points plus a free night’s stay don’t you?”

And here we are. 3 free nights in Chicago and I’ve carefully mapped out 11 bakeries to explore. 

I know God wants me here. In Chicago specifically. There’s something I’m going to discover that’s going to be important. Maybe it’s a connection, an ingredient, a business idea…who knows? But I know it and even my husband knows it and let me tell you who else knows it…the one who most definitely does NOT want me to succeed at this. 

Why do bad people seemingly get away with lives devoted to anything but God and they’re “blessed” with wealth, good families, opportunity and no consequences for sin while Christians suffer everything under the sun? 

Of course, we’re on the outside looking in. Wealth does not equal joy as anyone with comfortable means and above can attest. Perfect families are only seen in photographs, they don’t actually exhist. And consequences don’t always look connected to our sin of choice. 

Who is there but God to oppose sin lifestyle? And He is patient merciful and kind wanting to give you all the time you need to realize the error of your ways, right your wrongs, and help others who need your special brand of experience in the trenches. Battle scars make you strong, they are nothing to be ashamed of, we all have them. If it takes you 30 years to learn a hard lesson imagine the huge rippling waves of hope that would give masses of people struggling in kind??  “Don’t give up, there IS hope” is a message shared powerfully from the position of triumph against odds. And those 30 years are going by anyway. 

We’re all gifted by God with talents and destiny. We aren’t REQUIRED to serve God with our gifts, but that’s why they’re there. 

Anyhoo. I can marvel at God’s ways all day, but OPPOSITION is a SUREFIRE way to know you are on the right track, in fact the more opposition the better. 

  • 7 days prior to our trip my husband informed me he really wasn’t getting much of a paycheck just due to the way jobs were finishing up. Family owned home improvements, cash-flow and all, it’s not actually a problem. I offered to cancel the trip, but he said definitely not. 
  • The NEXT day my son’s car wouldn’t start, it actually had to be towed.
  • Then a relative passed away, arrangements scheduled over the first 2 days of our trip, which I cannot cancel at this point.
  • Then the check engine light popped on one of our other cars, off to the shop with it. I actually had to take Uber just to get to my ministry team class!
  • Then son went prom shopping and bought shoes so expensive he WILL wear them to his wedding {but I had to go prom dress shopping with my daughter yet so I didn’t dare say no, and they ARE exquisite}. Paycheck remember.
  • During which my daughter calls to tell me MY car died while she’s at cheer. My son didn’t turn my lights off properly and she didn’t know they were on, it just needed a jump. Car 3 if you’re counting.
  • Then the day before I leave I get devastating news of a personal nature I can’t share. Everything’s fine physically, emotionally and financially, don’t ask, it’s not my news to share and everybody’s fine. In fact nobody else would be devastated like I was over this news, satan knows how to nail you where it only hurts you but it knocks the wind out of you and possibly you see stars but THIS is where God’s power shines brightest. He can be simply mind-blowingly-amazing at picking you off the floor, wiping the dirt and tears off your face and telling you to get a grip, maybe this wasn’t your battle anyway. A particular friend’s face came to mind to call, I don’t talk with anybody on the phone hardly, and believe it or not, SHE called ME for directions shortly after my devastation!!! I know how to hear God, so does she, I will call. 
  • Then prom shopping with my daughter. Back up to little paycheck. LOL!!!!

Seriously. And I know how to battle it out in prayer and pray targeted prayers of protection and all that. So when THIS much gets through THOSE kinds of prayers…I come expecting GREAT things. 

That’s why I think Christians seemingly get pummeled in spite of their faith. God isn’t the only one who sees the writing on the walls of their destiny. But He can turn water into wine, part seas, make Egyptians give you all their wealth before you go off to pray for a few days, all that jazz.

And you never know how the tiniest seed can grow. 

My expectations don’t have expectations by the way.  I don’t even care if I leave this town not knowing what I came for. I have THAT kind of faith in the God I serve. I am perfectly fine to be on the as-needed-to-know basis with my future. 

I’ve consecrated everything to God: time, talents, desires…I have no bucket list, no goals, no wish-lists left to ponder. It’s all happened for me in spades {the things I actually cared about which aren’t wealth, possessions, fame and the like} so the rest is up to God. 

I can’t fail, because this isn’t my show. How exciting is that?! I just do everything I can, to do whatever God says to do, and whatever it looks like…that’s what it was supposed to look like, I succeed! Go me! 

And so. I started out my no-cupcake-left-behind-tour at RPM and seriously if I were done I’m thrilled. But I’m not, what adventure lies before me today? 

RPM Steak
Amazing. You need this on your bucket list if you have one!!!!

Be blessed!


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