Rose’s Heavenly Cakes Experiments

I love Rose Levy Beranbaum. I have read her book The Cake Bible for pleasure probably cover to cover {or close} several times. I don’t even know how many years I’ve owned it or how many successful recipes I’ve enjoyed. 

Of course I had to buy this book too, and now that I’m wanting to grow up and be a real baker I’m reimagining everything I know about cake. 

There is no such thing as a bad cupcake. But for my official chocolate cupcake recipe I have a few requirements. 

First of all I want the cupcake to be so well flavored it could stand alone, no icing. I tear my cupcakes apart, a lot of people {my husband} don’t even like icing, they scrape it off. I want my cupcake to pass the scrape-off test.

I want it to be moist and STAY moist. At least 3 days on the counter. The fridge is a killer for dryness, I wouldn’t count that against a cupcake, break it up in a bowl and pour on milk. Voila! Breakfast. 

If it’s chocolate I want it to taste like it. Something between Devil’s Food and Mississippi Mud. 

I made all 4 chocolate cakes in the butter and oil cakes section. These were written to be cakes, not cupcakes, but if I found a flavor I wanted I could work out texture and rise later.

The dip in the first is my fault, I got distracted during the mixing process and the mixing of cake batter is unforgiving science. #4 wasn’t even scoopable. I checked measurements twice and I go by weight, it had to be me but the raw batter didn’t have *the* flavor I was going for.

I must admit she wrote the recipes with the adornments in mind and I know the glazes, icings and accoutrement all had a part to play. So on their own, not quite.

Back to the drawing board! Poor me. 😉

Be blessed!


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